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About solvit Africa

Rwanda as a country has set various strategies to position the country as a hub of technology, hub of finance, hub of film and TV, hub of sports, hub of tourism… of Africa among many other key services by creating many investment incentives to whoever is willing to tap in any of many industries.

This has attracted international firms to be in Rwanda or alternatively participate in the opportunities Rwanda is offering. To be well positioned as a hub of Africa in many industries, she needs a skilled workforce, which is globally competitive and ready to serve a multitude of players. Technology (ICT) is among the key priorities in the agenda of Rwanda as a nation to position as an ICT hub in Africa. SOLVIT AFRICA has ventured in providing outsourcing services to both local and international companies, specifically in the technology space, providing software engineers to clients with intentions to compliment the country to be a technology hub of Africa.

Who we are

SOLVIT AFRICA arose from three words. “SOLVE” with a literal meaning of solving and “IT” with a literal meaning of Information Technology and lastly "AFRICA ", as an African Content. The company name emerged with a philosophy of solving world problems using technology. As a matter of fact, we are helping companies that have tech talent teams issues by providing such tech talents and helping them grow at affordable prices.

SOLVIT AFRICA is a startup that is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing together a network of talent in Technology all over the continent with a core purpose and focus of providing outsourcing technology services to companies across the world.

Until 2018, SOLVIT AFRICA remained unknown to the world, while the only place of its existence was in the founder Joseph SEMAFARA's mind. In the year 2018, SOLVIT AFRICA made its light, we felt an inevitable desire to make things happen in the Business Process Outsourcing world.

SOLVIT AFRICA fused its knowledge, experience, and a love for Business Process Outsourcing to establish the largest tech outsourcing company in Rwanda , targeting potential companies in need of outsourcing services all over the world.

SOLVIT AFRICA serves both local and international companies by providing them tech outsourcing services.

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How It Works?

Job for anyone, anywhere

We train the future generation to be world class software developers either from scratch or turning low level skilled personnel into junior and medium software developers and from junior/medium level developers to senior developers.


We recruit talent on behalf of companies whether local or foreign, helping them to have tech teams either remotely or establish remote offices in Rwanda for foreign companies willing to not be physically present in Rwanda.


We provide Apprenticeship Programmes to young tech graduates ensuring they work on real world challenges in real companies, purposely to upgrade their work experience. Undergoing this provides a chance of getting a job.


For the youth passionate and enthusiastic about software engineering but confused on how to start this career, we provide holistic guidance while placing a prospect into our Internship program and turn into junior developers.

Tech Recruitment

We help tech companies or any institution build tech teams and facilitate all processes involved for any company to recruit, maintain and grow inhouse tech talents with a sustainable model that benefits our client.

Remote Office

For companies interested in remote Office in Rwanda, we provide it for them, creating an inspiring and safe working environment for efficiency and sustainability at affordable prices while saving large portions of companies costs.

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Our Mission is To provide rigorous tech training programmes that turn tech enthusiasts into tech global competitive engineers for the world outsourcing market.

Our Vision is To be one of Africa's leading tech talent trainers and tech outsourcing service providers to the world.

Our service includes
  • Training
  • Outsourcing
  • Apprenticeship
  • Internship
  • Tech Recruitment
  • Remote Office