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SOLVIT Africa is an education company based in Rwanda with a mission to educate young Africans and equip them with technical skills that range from software development to UI/UX Design. With the tech sector today being more competitive than ever, we also aim to equip our trainees with complementary soft skills to make them stand out.

SOLVIT Africa was founded by Joseph Semafara, a Rwandan entrepreneur in the tech field. Joseph had always been passionate about technology, education and youth. After identifying the lack of practical technical knowledge among many university students , he established SOLVIT Africa, a potential solution to tackle that issue.

SOLVIT Africa was founded in 2017 and started out as a training facility targeted majorly at high school students. Eventually, we grew and evolved to accommodate university students and graduates in its training programs and bootcamps.

SOLVIT AFRICA provides education to young Africans in Rwanda through its in-person bootcamps and training programs. These boot camps and training programs place a focus on software development, programming languages, and User Interface (UI) design. We provide internships to young people who want to gain professional experience or need to fulfill academic requirements. We select talent from our talent pool and place them in various roles at our domestic and international partner companies looking to outsource.

So far, we have hosted 5 software development bootcamps; including one all-female boot camp.

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